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Research Activities

Sustaining Marine Technology Partnerships — a concept for an Operational Repository of Coastal Hydraulics & Inlet Dynamics was developed with NC State University. This effort was presented at the "Oceans '99" MTS Conference. Several 2D & 3D requirement databases have been built for the Department of the Navy.

Formal Publications — a 100,000-word oceanography reference book for a general readership and 600-entry encyclopedia of marine science.

Sustaining Marine Technology Partnerships — Principles common to successful marine technology partnerships were described in a desktop study for the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center. As a procedural test, MIRC is helping to turn the Bay Bus Partnership Project (B2P2) into a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation to benefit Maryland students.

Wave Modeling — Continued advances in shallow water (SW) wave modeling serve to improve navigation and help save lives and property. An existing 3rd generation wave model is being applied to calculate accurate wave height, wave period, and wave direction using a Pentium processor. Inputs include bathymetry, surface winds, currents, and swell. Customized graphs include wave parameters and spectra that are applied to benefit commercial and military users. Complete model descriptions and applications guidance are being developed by Dr. Valeri Kalmykov.

Sea Ice Analyses — Quality Control of polar data that includes application of automated and manual procedures is being accomplished for various customers.

Geospatial Display of High Resolution Data — Studying data types and manipulating existing products with CRMS and NGA to rapidly display littoral information.

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